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At my studio, I ensure that everything  is done as ethically as possible. No slave labour is used in the production of our pieces, everything is handmade by me, Daisy.  


Sustainable craftsmanship is at the heart of everything I do and teach. I use the most sustainable materials I can source. In order to reduce air miles and be as carbon friendly as possible, all of the wool I use is produced in the UK. All of the Willow I use is grown in the UK. The cotton, linen and paper yarns are sourced as sustainably as possible. If any synthetic yarns or materials are ever  incorporated, they will be have been recycled or reclaimed. I use found objects which i collect on my travels and walks too- such as wood, stones, shells.

My work is made to last and be passed on from person to person, protected, cherished and able to be repaired if necessary. This is not fast fashion, but slow and sustainable craft.

I am inspired heavily by nature and use it as my launchpad so the least I can do is help protect it and harness the materials it provides us with.


I understand that everyone is unique. I use practices which are thousands of years old to create handmade items crafted for individuals in order for them to be cherished and looked after for years to come. Each piece, even if a repetition of another, is unique.

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